Shortly About HdW* Clan

The clan was founded in 2006. Splitter with a founder member's leadership. We modified a name many times, but the current name is Mo[H]dW* ([M]edal [o]f [H]onor [H]er0es of the [d]ark [W]ar* Clan).


  • MoH:AAMedal of honor Allied Assault
    The best FPS game EVER! We playing with "old school" riders for the enjoying of the game.
  • Strategic Games So.. We playing a lot of Strategic Games for FUN! For example: Empires Dawn of the Modern World, Company of Heroes series, Age of Empires series, etc..
  • Mount&Blade Warband: NW Napoleonic Wars the new ONE!
    We love this game, and create squad in august 23th (2014).

What’s New

Clan videos

Since we were born, we prepare team videos. From this you see a couple movie on video sharing site .



This site is Pre-Alpha version!

Coming Soon


Clan training
Squad traning at 19:00 GMT+2. Plz come you too.


Events weekend
At sunday and saturday, we have got events. Other details later!