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The clan was founded in 2006. Splitter with a founder member's leadership. We modified a name many times, but the current name is Mo[H]dW* ([M]edal [o]f [H]onor [H]er0es of the [d]ark [W]ar* Clan).

Our roots date back to the Her0es clan. Later we allied with another clan. This clan name HdW'(Heroes of the dark War') with FreezingAura(FR) leadership. After the French friends abandoned the clan, I thought (Splitter), why not take her on, only Hungarians.

It also became the clan shorter or longer breaks in operation. There was a lot of our members who the clan was considered to be temporary. Among them, few of us remember the time spent in a negative, but the majority evokes pleasant memories of clan membership. On friendly wars mostly winning victory after victory. But we usually lost the ClanBase matches. Lot of teams cheathing for us, or we were against very strong Clans. However, there were a few bright up period

Teammate who is not with us : Jackson, Rusty, Mitya, $zerte, Borso, Teece, Dudiii, rivera, SaloZ, Qukac, BFS, Csontee, yonkey, Rechargeable, Mikuse, Kis.Q, Beery, lac!ka, Sky, sexguru, Colos, Jofec, Carmack^, L4c3y, GP, Flypo, pHantom, Spike, Pato, dageee, Yoshi, Geronimo, Depeche, Captivia, Sarge^, Nori, Knight^, k0keeE.hu, Reflex, Toma, Creed, $pidy, 3gerKe, Vadgazdasz, Corrion^, Lencsy, GoTo, Nabil, eXwHyZeD, RAizel, hard$tyLe^, Csubika, Cooper, Matezz, Viper^, Storm, Overlord, Gaara, Dr. G, m4rk0, Mano, RekaBaBa, Shooter, MrkoFtw, Ashb!n, Bri0n', etc..... (was a lot)

The clan at the beginning of the year showed little activity. So I decided to switch to a name, buy a server and a domain.
New name: Mo[H]dW* -> Medal of Honor: Her0es of the dark War'
(Old prefixs: Her0es ; HdW' ; Her0es][dW' ; Mo[H]dW')

Aug. 23th. 2014
We created NW squad, and recruited new members. 

We looking for old members..

If you played on our team, please get in touch with us. (splitterius@gmail.com) We would like to give a gift. So do not delay. :)

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